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Whether it is e-commerce, a brochure style web site or a redesign give me a call and we'll arrange to discuss your project. Every project is different and is built based on the needs of the business. I sit down with you to discuss your project and help you choose a direction to go. Not all technologies are needed for every project and with the nature of internet programming changing all the time, it is practical for an effective web developer to utilize a variety of resources. Some of the technologies I use include:

  • Javascript
  • JQuery
  • PHP Programming
  • Web Design
  • Graphics Design


It is pretty simple actually. I am a one person shop that specializes in constructing small business web sites. This makes accountability and communication simpler than it would be if you were to go with a large firm with a specialist in each phase of the project. However, that does not mean that I just started in the industry and am a 'newbie'. I have been doing web development for nearly 10 years. From small, brochure style pages that are meant to inform potential customers to more involved custom web applications.

I have worked as a freelancer for other design and development companies and have worked directly for clients performing all aspects of the site build. While I would not say that I am an expert in all aspects of web design, I will say that I continue to teach myself new technologies and methods of web construction and my portfolio demonstrates the wide variety of skills I currently possess.

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